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I started with computers in the mid 1970's when they were hobbyist toys. After many computers and thousands of hours behind the keyboard I started making money tutoring high school kids. After many more years of experience, knowledge and practice I now have the ability to offer you high class service at a fair price.

I offer a wide range of computer services from simple backups to PC repairs, network design & installation, and web page development and updates. No matter how large or small your computer needs are, I can help. I can help folks understand computers in simple English terms, not just all mumbo-jumbo.

For first time customers the first hour is always free. No strings attached. Call and find out. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

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Computer Related Experience

1986 through 2007


Novell NetWare 3.x to 5.x, Windows NT Workstation 4.0, GroupWise 5.x, DOS 4.x to 6.22, Windows 3.x, Windows 95-98-2000-XP Pro, Arcserve, Arcservit NT, MS Office, Excel, Word, Access, MS Mail, MS Exchange, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Lotus 123, Dbase IV, Word Perfect 5.x to 6.0, Quicken, PC Tools, Cyma III, Cyma Medical, Norton Utilities. Limited experience with, Unix and Linux 7.x, Mac O/S 7.x. Also have considerable training with SABRE Technologies, Apollo, Deltamatic and System One airline computer reservation systems. AS400, and IBM Client software. ISP setup and HTML & web page design and service.


Extensive experience with IBM compatible computers from XT to all new Intel/AMD platforms, and AS400/IBM36, w/various architectureís and hardware setups. Local Area Network and Wide Area Networks, installations and setup including, servers, clients, network interface cards, hubs, Cisco routers, dsu's, isuís, frame relay circuits, isdn circuits, and T1 circuits. Satellite dish setup and network integration. Hardware including servers, PC's, hard drives, print servers, printers, HP print products, floppy drives, CD/DVD-ROMís, tape backups, modems, sound cards, video cards, scanners, and NIC cards. Various network wiring and cabling including UTP, TBase-10, thin net, fiber optic, token ring, Cable TV and Wireless Internet. Have basic ATT Difinity - G3, Merlin, PBX wiring and administration experience and other phone switching equipment. UHF and VHF radio installation and operation.


Network Administration - Novell NetWare 4.x, 5.x, and Windows NT Workstation 4.0, Win XP Professional
Windows 95 - 98 - 2000 - XP - troubleshooting/problem solving
Skilled in interpersonal communications
Effective in facilitative instructing and training of network users
Excellent mechanical aptitude with strong analytical and problem solving skills
Strong administrative skills, with good supervisory background
Installation of server based and client based software
PC repair and upgrading
Design and development of spreadsheets and databases
Maintaining servers
Maintaining backups of servers and clients
Resolving hardware and software conflicts on servers and clients
Basic PBX administration and troubleshooting
Various cabling and wiring of LAN's - WAN's, and phone systems.
∑ FCC Ham Radio Technician Licensed

Past IT Positions:

Computer Services, (Self Employed) 1/86 to Present 2007
Network Administrator, Air Wisconsin Airlines/ United Express, 08/98 to 07/00
MIS Director, Delta County Library System, 04/98 to 08/98
Network Technician, Mountain Air Express, 11/96 to 4/98

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