I offer a wide range of plumbing services. Currently I am licensed Journeyman Plumber in the State of Colorado. Since 1973 I have obtained over 34,100 hours of plumbing experience. Work includes; Installation of plumbing and heating in new and existing buildings. Installation of fire protection and sprinkler systems. Installation and maintenance of air conditioning and air handling equipment, chilling equipment, heat recovery systems, solar systems, hot tubs, spas, and swimming pool systems. Specialties include many types of hydronic heating systems. Design of plumbing systems in residential & light commercial buildings. Blueprint reading and analyses. I have plumbed in places as far away as Diego Garcia BIOT in the Southern Indian Ocean (13 time zones away) and as close as my own home. Residential, commercial, health care/hospitals, state, federal jobs and even mil spec work (Army Corp of Engineer jobs and Department of the Navy jobs). I have done (and seen) a lot of plumbing.

I hope to have my Colorado State Masters Plumbers License within the next 6 months. This will allow me to bid and pull permits for most any type of work. But until then I still can do any job for you that does not require a building permit. Let me do the "pretty plumbing" you need done. One year warrantee on all work I do and my motto is "One Trip, NO Drip!"

Many references available.

Another crawlspace I spent some time in. The "Daly" residence.

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